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About the Northeastern Ontario Psychotherapy program

What is the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program?

The Ontario Structured Psychotherapy program is an initiative supported by the Ministry of Health (MOH). The goal of the OSP program is to expand the availability of psychotherapy and related approaches for Ontarians experiencing depression and anxiety-based concerns. OSP services are provided by a qualified professional.

Some intake appointments may only be available by telephone. We offer video or in person on an as needed basis. If you require video or in person but the option is not available, please book a telephone appointment time slot that works for you, then call us at 1-833-NEOSP to request in person or video for your reserved appointment.

Please anticipate a booking call within a timeframe of up to 4 weeks. Kindly refrain from submitting additional referrals during this period.

We are not able to review referrals immediately, and your safety is important to us.

If your safety is in danger, call 911 immediately. If you are in Canada and need help now

  • dial 988 or 1-833-456-4566 anytime, or
  • text 988 or 45645

calculations - getting started page

Must be 18 years old to continue

Location eligibility fields (use KOA * if you want a valid postal code)

First 3 characters of the self-referral postal code

Last character of the self-referral postal code

First 3 characters of the hcp referral postal code

Don't show the postal code error message until this exists.

location-eligibility will check this

So if postal-fsa is one of the eligible values, = eligible, else not-eligible

static value for mapping to greenspace

static value for mapping to greenspace

Eligibility questions. Will be formatted depending if its a self-referral vs hcp-referral.